Mt. Columbia 8/24/07
Departed campsite (Horn Creek Basin) 7:00 AM 1 hr 50 min
Arrived summit 8:50 AM
Departed summit 9:45 AM
Arrived  Campsite * 12:00 PM 2 hr 15 min
Gale, Bruce, Steve, Roland
Note: this hike involved a 3 mile (2 hour) back pack trip up from No Halfmoon Creek TH.  We
camped Thursday night near treeline and hiked Mr. Harvard Friday morning.
It rained all night Thursday but quit raining around 7:30am Friday morning. The rest of the)
day saw low hanging clouds that eventually cleared up to beautiful dry weather.
Friday night was clear and warm; Sat morning was clear with bright blue skies and no
clouds in site.  After our return to the campsite we packed our stuff and backpacked
down to the car at the No Halfmood TH.