Bahamas to DR

leaving Bahamas
a few days in Turks and Caicos
arriving in Dominican Republic
Salt Pond, Long Island, Bahamas Church and Cemetary Salt Pond, Long Island Sponge Truck, Thompson Bay, Long Island DSCN0160
Roadside Banana Farm on Long Island Papaya Tree, Long Island Bahamas Near Clarencetown Long Island  Deans Blue Hole where the World Free Diving Champoinships take place. Deans Blue Hole
Diving Champion at Deans Blue Hole We both braved the deep blue abyss This is looking straight down, not across the ocean floor Returning from Long Island to Great Exuma  60ft deep and you can still see the bottom.
Long Island to Georgetown fishing  Landed half of a King Mackeral. Wonder about the size of the fish that got the other half. DSCN0247  Finallly got a whole fish aboard. Good thing the King Mackeral is good eating - we have alot of fresh fish on board now. King Mackeral Georgetown Cruising Regatta  Deja Vu racing bow to bow with our friend Joe the owner and Mark (s/v Truant) as crew.
Stocking Island Chat n Chill  Kendra Stocking Island Monument Stocking Island  Over 300 boats in the harbor. Stocking Island Panorama  Atlantic on the left, Elizabeth Harbor on right
Monument Hill, Stocking Island  It is  technical class 1 climb with ropes! Osprey on Stocking Island Waterspout near North Channel Rocks Stocking Island Chat nChill anchorage
Southside Great Exuma Tour 1 Southside Great Exuma Tour 2 Southside Great Exuma Tour 3 Southside Great Exuma Tour 4
Southside Great Exuma Tour 5  Childhood home of Good Times Esther Rolle in Rolletown Southside Great Exuma Tour 6  Plantation Cemetary that was hidden in growth until about 15 years ago. Southside Great Exuma Tour 7 Southside Great Exuma Tour 8
Southside Great Exuma Tour 9  This was a general store/grocery store that served this community for 30 years Southside Great Exuma Tour 10 Southside Great Exuma Tour 11  Tropic of Cancer with Paul and Sherry from s/v Tehani Southside Great Exuma Tour 12
Southside Great Exuma Tour 13 Southside Great Exuma Tour 14  Santana's. Best food in the entire Bahamas. Lobster and fixings for $23 and we could not eat again for days we were so full. DSCN4111  Moms famous bakery in Williamstown. Reputation well deserved. Just put your money in the cigar box. Southside Great Exuma Tour 15
Southside Great Exuma Tour 16  Santanas DSCN4116  Bahamas answer to a black and tan - Guinness and Kaliks! Southside Great Exuma Tour 17  The tour group at Santanas. DSCN4122  Our tour guide Peter's church
Southside Great Exuma Tour 18 Southside Great Exuma Tour 19 Southside Great Exuma Tour 20  Our excellent tour guide Peter Dorsett. Yes  - Tony Dorsetts cousin. And who went to high school in south Florida with Johnny Depp (until Johnny dropped out). Going south meeting at ChatnChill
Going south meeting  Igor from VonnDutch. Nicest guy you could ever meet and a floating ships chandlery. Eddies Edgewater, Georgetown  Say hello to June the manager. Georgetown Our buddy boat Tehani
Sunset at Rum Cay Sail boats at anchor Mayaguana Mayaguana 1 Mayaguana 2
Mayaguana 3 Hello Turks and Caicos Provo, Turks and Caicos  Caiprahinas on Chalk Bay at Las Brisas a short walk from the Sopadilla Bay anchorage Sopadilla Beach, Provo, Turks and Caicos  Sand art by Sylvie on VonnDutch
Sopadilla Bay Sunset Bobs Scooters at Turtle Bay, Turks and  And here is the rest of the biker gang! The Hole near Ciacos Marina The Hole
Bromiliads on Caicos Sunset over Sopadilla with Turtle Rock on right Flora on Caicos Passage over the Caicos Bank to Dominican Republic
Ocean World Marina, Domican Republic north caost  Afternoon trade winds begin Hello DR Ocean World Marina and Park  We can see and hear the Sea Lion Show from our slip Ocean World Sunset, DR  Incredible to see green mountains after a year of flat coastal areas.
DSCN0428 Ocean World Marina Resort Ocean World Marina Office